Blooming Wisdom – The World According to Me, all my HATS and all that SMM


I’ve worn ALOT of hats. I’m a mom. In a past life I was an International Imports Manager and Customs Specialist…but originally I was a journalist..a PR Girl.

When I was a young-en I wrote a column called “The World According To Me” for Teen Track. When I graduated from College I did public relations for an aesthetics group.

I did seminars and newsletters and event planning…I dabbled in sales…and tons of Customer Service. But I had also worked for my cousin and learned large freight movement. It was exciting and I was good at it.

Eventually I was a mom…at some point my job was moved to the west cost and I became an At Home Mom! My new journey began trying to find what I would do next, after the At HOME part of being a mom was no longer needed.

I was ready to get back to work, but on my own terms. I worked as a manager for an Aquatics Center, and did their SMM. I helped my parents with one of their side projects and did SMM and sales for them. I volunteered for the PTO at my children’s school and did all their communications and SMM.

All that SMM really started to stand out to me! This was what my next chapter would be. So, I dove in.

I am ready to help you with your Social Media Management needs. Content Calendars, all platforms for Social, WordPress, Content Curation, Lives/Stories/Videos, Audits.

You name it!Let’s Talk

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