I’m Completely Frazzled!


Deep Breaths… Deep Breaths…

So I’m completely frazzled! Do you ever get completely frazzled?

To make it worse, when I look at other people they seem to have it all together. I look around and my glazed frazzled eyes see pulled together people, with clean houses, organized living spaces and energy that doesn’t quit.

Which is why when things hit the fan, it is a hard on two levels.

Level 1: Why am I not keeping it together? Why can’t I, not be a mess right now? Why do I feel like I’m not keeping up, smiling, happy and joyful.

But also, Level 2: Why is she (insert neighbor, friend, sister, mom at pickup line, co-worker) able to always be pulled together? Why is she always able to manage all of the activities and events and clean her house and broker world peace?

Not really…but seriously. I spend a lot of time wondering how other people do it? As a person I keep assuming there is something to learn from people who have it all together. I keep thinking it is a tool, a life skill that I can practice and perfect.

I’m weakened by stress. I have Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism and stress tends to throw my immune system into a tailspin. So for me, I am always trying to work on ways to decrease, limit and deal better with my stress levels.

So….here is my list that I have gathered. I work toward these and sometimes I fail, but I get back up and keep trying. By the way…nobody really has it all together, but we can all keep trying…. hoping we get closer to less frazzled!

Good luck my frazzled friends…and wish me luck too.

  1. Deep Breathe…the moment you start feeling stressed and anxious stop everything and take a deep breath (actually like 10 deep breaths). Check out the following npr.org article about the scientifically proven benefits of breathing. There are many guided meditation apps for your smart device that you can do in even 5 minutes that I find work really well for me.
  2. Focus on what is really important. In a moment of almost utter adult melt down, it is easy to catastrophize everything. Focus on 1 or 2 important things that are possible and then start working on just those. The other stuff will be there after you feel better and by then, it will be easier to tackle them too.
  3. Joy….this one is HUGE for me. Joy is my word of the year. I find that in my stressed state I tend to forget joy. I throw it out for despair and distract myself with worry. But if I stop to really ponder on joy, and what brings me joy, perspective is gained. So… when my kids rooms are a disaster the day after we cleaned them, thinking about how joyful I am they have wonderful things to play with helps me chill and see the bigger picture. One day, those kids won’t be playing in their rooms anymore…
  4. Action…All I can say is that it works. Getting up, moving, doing, working, cleaning, working out, whatever it is…it works. When stress hits, move, act, do! Sitting and wallowing or over analyzing can paralyze you. No matter how hard it might seem, get up and put one foot in front of the other and keep going.

Hope some of these tips help you the next time you are frazzled like me…..

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