The Truth Will Set You Free

Is there enough TRUTH in the world? I’m not sure. We seem to show our Truth often when we are at our worst, but imagine if we all showed our Truth at our best too?

I’m on a mission, for truth…and this page will be dedicated to the TRUTH of the day, possibly a top news story that needs highlighting…or everyday TRUTHS that I think are worth discussing.





I don’t want to hate everything, but sometimes I slip into the negative zone…and I do!

I don't want to hate everything, but sometimes I slip into the negative zone...and I do!  I want to be well adjusted, calm and peaceful. I want to be sure footed and steady. I want to be the elegant ...
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Those Mornings…you know…those mornings? Visions for 2018…. Resilience

Those mornings… know….those mornings that test you to your core? The ones that make you wonder…What the hell is happening? I had one of those mornings…. this morning…and it is only 9:11am. It’s amazing how ...
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Not Anymore! Visions for 2018…The Move

Ok...I have been away a while. Just noticed a message about this page in my inbox and realized...I need a little Wisdom right now. So maybe this is the time to get back continue ...
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Are you raising girls? Are you still raising you? Women…we need to read this and believe it

While I was setting up a twitter account for Blooming Wisdom the other day, I ran across this piece. Kudos to Mary Elizabeth Williams for speaking truth about women and what defines us. Her piece ...
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Distraction and Resilience

As a child I felt distracted. It seemed a constant in my life. My mom would use the word “bright” when talking about my abilities, but I would start something, get bored and move to ...
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back to school chalk board

When Back to School Isn’t Happy….it’s Sad!

Summer break is drawing to a close, and kids are getting back to school. We all see so many of the happy pictures of our friend’s kids standing outside with their signs that show what ...
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woman un-frazzled

I’m Completely Frazzled!

Deep Breaths… Deep Breaths… So I’m completely frazzled! Do you ever get completely frazzled? To make it worse, when I look at other people they seem to have it all together. I look around and ...
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Here Goes… I’m Starting A Blog

For some time now I have been wandering a bit…. lost and searching for something. What do I want to do when I grow up?…even though I’m already grown. I’m a woman, wife, mother, friend, ...
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“Wisdom is found only in Truth”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe