Making my home cozy and comfortable has always been super important to me. I think because my home is a creative outlet for me, and because for most of our lives together, my husband and I have been DIY’ers…for the most part. So the decorations, and paint and choices have always been a reflection of what we were capable of creating ourselves.Your House Your Nook

I will showcase some of the projects we have done over the years and continue to do, as well as decorating and organization ideas here.

Not Anymore! Visions for 2018…The Move

Ok...I have been away a while. Just noticed a message about this page in my inbox and realized...I need a little Wisdom right now. So maybe this is the time to get back continue ...
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Sunburst Mirrors – “Let a little sunshine in”

With Summer gone, a great way to brighten a home space is to add a mirror to it. What's better than a sunburst mirror? These mirrors are timeless. They come in great materials and textures, ...
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