This is My body

If I’ve learned anything over the years it is that if I don’t take care of myself, I am no good for anyone around me.

It is true and especially true if you are fighting an illness. I have autoimmune diseases that constantly change how my system reacts to things. What I eat, working out, how much I sleep and especially my stress levels affect me health in a magnified way.

Taking care of myself means many things. Eating low to no gluten is something I work for all the time. It is really hard for me to do 100% of the time. I also try to eat very little dairy. I use Almond Milk in my coffee and try to only eat certain types of cheese most of the time. Whole foods that are not as processed and grass fed meat is also high on my priority list, but I’m not perfect. 

Sleeping well and keeping stress low are also very important for my health. I do not have the ability to go on no or low sleep, and when I do it comes back 2 fold down the road with illness or very low energy. 

Occasionally pampering myself is important, but it can be hard when I’m pulled in so many directions. I try to buy clothes that I feel good in and keep my hair and face healthy. But there are days when I am just in sweats, hair a mess and face unwashed.

Truth and knowledge through functional medicine has been life changing for me. I am always learning and growing in what I can do to help myself in the most natural way possible. Progress over perfection in this area is something I try to keep in mind. 

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I love finding Hearts in nature especially.

I found this Heart on a hike in Arizona in 2018
Prickly Pear Heart on a Hike at Desert Mountain Arizona
On my 40th Birthday trip to the Smokey Mountains, we were crossing a stream on a hike and I looked down and saw this. Amazing.