Blooming Wisdom Kathy BeMiller Social Media Consulting


Hi…I’m Kathy BeMiller. I am a Social Media Manager. I specialize in SMM for small business and also for Podcasters.

Creating, Writing, learning and being productive makes me happy.

I Love my family, I Love travel…anything with water or mountains is my jam. 


Who am I?

I’m Kathy.

I live in Zionsville, Indiana with my husband Ryan and my 2 girls, Chloe & Lucy. We have a dog, Sirius, a Golden-doodle with a heart of gold but no manners at all.

I graduated with a BA in Journalism; with a concentration in Public Relations.

My job experience includes: public relations, social media management, sales, ocean imports mangement for a large company.

I specialize in great customer service. 

~social media – newsletters – website management and creation – content creation and curation – communications – systems creation – project & team management – service provider research/on-boarding – CUSTOMER SERVICE ~

I am a Social Media Manager. I specialize in SMM for small business and for Podcasters. I have managed social media for many different types of businesses.  My goal is to free up your time and make your business awesome online. 

So…What’s the problem with trying to manage your own social media for your growing business or podcast? 

First…growing a business is time consuming. Creating a podcast… is time consuming. Time most people don’t have enough of. 

Second…with many other busiesses out there, you want to make sure you stand out and that your customers can find you. This is also the case with Podcasts, there are so many Podcasts…700,000 in 2019 according to  .

I can help you optimize your online presence to make sure your business or podcast grows…in customers and in followers.

Our first goal will be to promote your VALUE to potential customers or listeners. 

Our second goal will be to create relationships and engagement.

Our third goal will be to measure and adjust to optimize the reach of your business or podcast.


  • We will use long tail keywords to focus your marketing toward potential subscribers & listeners. 
  • We will create relationships and engagement to boost your traffic and listenership to get reviews. 
  • We will utilize video to gain traction online. 
  • We will help you create title content for SEO or your podcast listing. 
  • We will help you create SEO content for your website. 
  • We can help you create your website, design and logo
  • We will help you with Facebook ads

Small business owners wear soooo many hats. An online presence is vitally important. Hire someone who can focus on it for you….so you can focus on your business & podcast.

Let’s talk!